Moms, here's your opportunity to get educated. 

Learn, so that you can teach.


Work at your own pace.

Register for our classes and study at the convenience of your own home. 

*Included in each class is:

Book, workbook, video lessons and quizzes.

High School students may enroll, too

Take classes to increase your understanding for pleasure or for a degree.

Transferable Classes?

Yes! Here's how it works.

You can earn a degree through a partnership with Patriot Bible University.

Earn an Associate's or Bachelor's in various areas of study.

You can take up to 65% of your courses through Academy of Christian Apologetics and transfer to Patriot Bible University to complete your degree! 

Patriot is accredited by the Accrediting Commission International. This accreditation is quality non-governmental Christian accreditation, that recognizes high standards of Biblical and academic training. 

Acquire your degree even while you are working. 

You can study completely at home.

Perfect for those who homeschool! They can earn dual credit.

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